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  • Consider Donating to BACC

  • Petierunt uti sibi concilium totius Galliae in diem certam indicere. Nec dubitamus multa iter quae et nos invenerat. Integer legentibus erat a ante historiarum dapibus. Nihil hic munitissimus habendi senatus locus, nihil horum?.

  • BACC History

  • The Bangor Area Children’s Choir, formerly known as Heritage Singers, was organized in 1992 by Jean Sigler and Michele Hall to be the featured entertainment at the reunion of the Fifth Armored division, U.S. Army, held at the Bangor Civic Center in 1995. From 1992 to 1995, under the sponsorship of Mr. Galen Cole, the Singers became established as a viable children’s performing group.

    From 1995 to the present, BACC has been an independently operated, non‑profit organization. It exists on public support, contributions from area businesses and fundraisers. Area music educators play a pivotal role in BACC’s continuing success by encouraging the participation of their student choristers.

    BACC follows the organizational guidelines of most established children’s choirs. It is not affiliated with any church, public or private school.

  • Auditions – What Can I Expect?

  • BACC invites children and young people aged 9 to 18 to audition for the Treble Choir or Youth Chorale. The audition can take place at a convenient time arranged individually with the Artistic Director, or can be held before or after a regular rehearsal of the choirs. We are happy for prospective members to “try out” a rehearsal before making a final decision. The audition consists of singing a familiar song of your choice (something like “My Country ‘tis of Thee” or even “Happy Birthday” is fine), singing a simple scale, and checking vocal range and tonal memory.

  • 2015 Winter Concert

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  • 2016 Tour Concert

  • 2016 Spring Concert

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  • BACC Board of Directors

  • The Bangor Area Children’s Choir is governed by a Board of Directors primarily consisting of music educators and choir parents. The purpose of the Board is to ensure the integrity of the organization is maintained and the goals of BACC are accomplished.

    Persons interested in serving on the Board of Directors should contact either the Board Chair or Artistic Director.

    2015/2016 season

    Executive Board

    CHAIR—Eric Boberg
    Email Eric at chair@bangorareachildrenschoir.com

    VICE-CHAIR—Rick Fraser
    Email Rick at vicechair@bangorareachildrenschoir.com

    Email Jill at secretary@bangorareachildrenschoir.com

    TREASURER—Jim Paton
    Email Jim at treasurer@bangorareachildrenschoir.com

    Robert Ludwig is the Conductor and Artistic Director for BACC. Any questions regarding performance requests, membership or topics specific to our musical venue should be directed to him.
    Email Robert at robertludwig@bangorareachildrenschoir.com

    Board Members at Large

    Hannah Dubois
    Debbie Friedman
    Mary Kilbride
    George Wright
    Vanessa Young

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  • Helping Youth Discover Their Voice

    With decades of distinguished history, BACC continues to provide an unparalleled environment for developing individual and ensemble vocal skills for youth that builds musicianship, character and leadership.  Participation also enhances a sense of self while singers serve as ambassadors of community and State.  We pride ourselves on quality artistic direction and challenging, multi-genre repertoire that is appropriate and safe for developing voices in order to attain these musical objectives:

    • Vocal production and pitch
    • Auditory sensitivity for blending
    • Posture and presence
    • Musical theory and critical thinking
    • A unique opportunity for young singers to sing the finest of choral repertoire
  • Our Vision

    BACC will continue to provide the highest quality and most supportive youth choral experience that serves young singers ages 9 through 18 in the State of Maine. We will achieve this vision by:

    Fostering the joy of singing in its choir members and instilling a lifelong passion for music

    Actively seeking the support of choral music teachers as a referral resource for young singers and also to complement their efforts within the schools

    Retaining and supporting highly accomplished choral direction and accompaniment to assure an ongoing quality experience and supportive environment

    Developing and sustaining community volunteer and financial support

    Serving as role models of community spirit and ambassadors of the greater Bangor area when performing locally or during travels.